Our mission is to be an educational platform and community resource on institutional safety. CSN will facilitate the use of industry standard training and security protocols enabling synagogues and schools to implement their individualized Emergency Operation Plans (EOP), train volunteer synagogue members and establish two-way radio communications within the institution and across the Chicagoland Jewish community.

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Trauma Kit

Trauma Kit
$150.00 each or 2 at $140.00 each
Kit contains
  • 1-Israeli Bandage 4 inch
  • 2-CAT Tourniquets
  • 1-RAT Tourniquet
  • Combat Gauze

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    Classes offered through CSN


  • Hemorrhage and Tourniquet Training
  • Greeter training/Situational Awareness
  • Halacha and Radio Protocols
  • Active Threat
  • Developing EOP
  • CPR

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    Please help us continue our efforts as we work diligently to help our local synagogues increase their security and keep our community safe. Your donation will help expand our communication network and increase training in our synagogues.



    Being prepared turns a crisis into an inconvenience